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25 Surprising Facts About The Human Body


The human body can do some amazing and strange things. We have compiled a list of some of the wildest things it does. Some of these might shock you. Please enjoy watching the video or reading the text that follows it to see the 25 surprising facts about the human body.

There are 137 million light-sensitive cells in the eye’s retina. And the fluid surrounding the eye is changed 15 times a day.

Your stomach has mucus in it and gets a nice new batch every few days. Without it, your stomach’s digestive juices could digest the stomach itself.

The average life cycle of a red blood cell is only 120 days.

The gastric acid in the stomach is so powerful that it could dissolve razor blades in 15 hours.

1 in 10,000 people suffer from situs inversus which causes their internal organs to be the wrong way around.

Every human sheds up to 35 kilograms of skin in their lifetime. This means that dead skin cells fall from our body at a rate of 30 to 40 thousand cells a minute.

Over a lifetime, the average human will eat 60,000 pounds of food.

A full head of hair can support 12 tons – all the weight of two elephants.

The resolution of the human eye is 576 megapixels.

Every one of us has tiny little mites calling your face home. You get more and more as you get older and more with face-to-face contact.

If you collected all the eyelashes you shed in a lifetime and put them side by side and paint them, will be 30 meters in length.

A healthy human adult can produce four gallons of sweat in a day.

Humans glow in the dark. We are what’s called bioluminescent where our human eyes aren’t able to see the light we emit.

There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in an adult human body. That’s the same amount as over seven Great Walls of China.

Humans are the only animals that cry tears.

2 million liters of air are sucked up into our lungs every day. And if stretched out the service area or our lungs, can cover half a tennis court.

The average man will grow just over 8 meters of beard and mustache hair in their lifetime.

People with blue eyes can typically hold their drink better than those with dark eyes color.

Humans can survive longer without food than they can without sleep. You can survive about three weeks without eating whereas, without sleep, your body starts to shut down after about 11 days.

The average person lets one rip out of their back passage thirteen times a day.

There are 45 miles of nerves in human skin. That’s about 26 Golden Gate bridges.

A full human bladder can hold 600 millimeters of liquid.

Glabella is the technical name for the space between your eyebrows.

Winking at someone causes more than 200 muscles to move.

If a human’s blinks were added up into one huge blink. They would see darkness for 1.2 years.

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