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13 Useful Ways to Use Honey For Eyes


We all know that honey has many benefits for your health and is great for your skin but did you know, it’s also great for your vision. Not only does it improve vision, but this gentle liquid is also an excellent tonic to reduce eye inflammation. Honey is the perfect solution if you suffer from irritation or redness in the eyes.


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In addition to providing flavor to our food, honey also helps to heal many health problems. One of the most important, and probably the most surprising of them is it’s effect on our eyes.

If you check the pages of ancient history, you will find that honey has been used over the years to treat several eye disorders. Therefore, it is not surprising that honey was remarkably popular among Egyptians and Indians. Modern researchers have only reinforced this fact.

For many eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, eye irritation, glaucoma and trachoma, honey works great. If consumed regularly, honey can even prevent cataracts to a large extent.

Benefits Of Honey For Eyes

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1. Heals Eye Diseases
Fresh and untreated honey is commonly the best medicine for a wide range of eye conditions.

Honey is the best medicine for eye diseases such as corneal ulcers of inflammatory and traumatic origin, blepharoconjunctivitis, and ulcerative blepharitis due to its antibacterial properties.

For eye problems, such as the dimness of the cornea, freshly combed honey can be the best option. The same remedy can be used if the cataract is in the initial phase.

2. Heals Dry Eye
In today’s electronic age, many of us are falling prey to dry eyes.

Dry eye is a common condition in which the eye can not provide the required amount of tears needed for lubrication. In general, patients face a variety of symptoms, including pain, itchy eyes, redness of the eye, and blurred vision.

This condition can easily be treated with the help of honey. All you have to do is wash your eyes carefully with honey and warm water. Do it before going to bed every other night and watch the effects.

3. Reduce eye wrinkles
We are all afraid of the signs of aging that can discourage us even before we start to feel old. Fortunately, in addition to treating eye disorders, honey is also great at reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Just apply a little honey on your closed eyes and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then wash it with warm water.

4. Keeps Your Vision Intact
It goes without saying that honey is very effective in protecting our vision. Indeed, in addition to being rich in antioxidants, it also contains several essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc.

We need enough zinc in our body for the proper functioning of our optic nerves. Use eye drops with honey regularly to protect your vision.

5. Cures Conjunctivitis
Everyone, at some time or another, becomes victims of the pink eye. This condition is even more common in young children, which agitates and irritates them with watery and itchy eyes.

Several studies have indicated that honey eye drops are effective in curing conjunctivitis.

6. Treat Sore Eyes
There are many reasons that can cause eye pain. However, you can get rid of swelling by using honey. Consume honey regularly, and everything will be fine in a very short time.

7. Prevents macular degeneration
As we age, we find that our vision becomes weaker and weaker. This blurred vision is associated with macular degeneration, which can be easily prevented by using honey.

This sweet liquid is full of antioxidants that help keep our eye muscles healthy and working the best way possible. Therefore, if you are 25 or even 50, you can maintain good eyesight with the regular use of honey.

8. Refreshes Tired Eyes
If your eyes feel exhausted after spending long hours in front of the computer, honey is best for relieving your tired eyes.

Apply honey to your closed eyelids then rest and relax. After half an hour, wash the honey with cold water. Your eyes will feel renewed.

9. Protect Your Eyes Against Glaucoma
Glaucoma is a condition characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the front part of the eye. This build-up increases intraocular pressure in the eye and can even cause permanent damage to the optic nerves, resulting in loss of vision.

Numerous studies have indicated that the use of honey as eye drops regularly reduces the possibility of this disease occurring by 50%.

10. It Works As A Tonic Of The Optic Nerve
Honey can also act as a tonic for the optic nerve. It helps to increase the production of nitric oxide which is necessary for an efficient blood flow to the optic nerves. Start using honey now to ensure better vision at a later time.

11. Improves Eye Lens Protein Oxidation
Whether you add it to food or use it as an eyewash, regular use of honey can improve the oxidation of the eye’s lenses, ensuring lasting vision.

12. Heals Eye Infection
Honey is one of the best medicines to cure all types of eye infections, whether caused by bacteria, viruses or any other microorganisms. Honey has antibacterial properties, which makes it essential for healing eye infections.

All you need to do is mix equal amounts of honey and boiling water and apply this solution to your eye with a cotton ball. Do it every day to get the best results.

13. It Can Help Lighten The Color Of The Eyes
This may be a surprise, but it has been repeatedly shown that you can use honey to lighten the color of your eyes naturally.

To lighten eyes with honey, you will need to have a little patience and the right ingredients in the right proportions. Use pure honey and water to get the best results.

What You Need

  • 1 drop of raw honey
  • 5 drops of warm bottled water

What you need to do

  1. Add a drop of honey in five drops of water and mix well. You can also take a larger amount of both ingredients in the ratio of 1:5 for storage purposes.
  2. Keep the solution in a clean bottle. Put three drops of this solution every morning and every night in your eyes to light them.

Be sure to store the solution in a cool, dark place.

Caution: Putting something in your eyes without proper consultation may result in vision loss. Therefore, consult your doctor before taking this big step.

How To Use Honey For Eyes

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The uses of honey are varied. It is popular as an external application and is also used for internal consumption. We know many foods where honey is an essential ingredient. However, it is important to know how this golden liquid can also be applied externally.

1. Eyewash
You need a teaspoon each of honey and warm bottled water. Dissolve the honey in warm water and cool for a while. You can also refrigerate it for faster cooling. Use the solution as an eyewash when it is cold.

2. Eye Drops
To make honey eye drops, you should always look for fresh comb honey. Dissolve this honey in the proportional amount of boiled distilled water. Use the solution two or three times a day, depending on its density.

Tip: When making honey eye drops at home, remember not to keep the solution for more than a week. You can do the solution on a regular basis. Do not worry if you feel itchy immediately after applying the drops. This burning sensation is normal and will gradually cool down.

3. Topical Application
To make a relaxing and soothing eye mask, you can use egg white and vitamin E gel with honey.

For the first mask, mix a teaspoon of honey with 2-3 drops of lemon juice and egg white and apply it under the eyes. Wash it after 10-15 minutes.

Put a tablespoon of vitamin E gel and a teaspoon of honey in a small bowl and mix well. Use it as an eye mask three times a week for best results.

A Word Of Warning

Our eyes are really valuable. Therefore, we must watch out for all the possible risks related to any product we put in our eyes, and the same goes for honey. Let’s look at what you should consider before using honey for your eyes:

If you have a previous pollen allergy and other sensitivities related to bees, avoid using honey in your eyes. This can aggravate the infection and cause temporary vision loss.

Many types of honey can be very acidic (pH 3,4-6,1), so they can cause significant discomfort in the eyes. Therefore, make sure the honey you use is not acidic.

Honey can work incredibly well for your eyes, as long as you take the necessary precautions and follow the instructions mentioned above. So, if you have ever used honey for eyes before, share your experience with us.



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