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5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Walk Today


Why taking a walk today is good for the body and mind

People who walk regularly swear by the health and psychological benefits of their daily excursion. Here are five reasons why they are right.

1. You can lose weight just 30 minutes walk per day

Walking is one of the best workout to lose weight and it is relatively easy to do, it is free and you have to do it every day anyway. Try starting with a 20 minute walk every day to start walking for fitness. If it’s too much, start small. But set a goal of 30 minutes a day to walk everyday.

Once mastered, take your time to move on to a higher level. Never increase by more than 10 percent more than a day maximum of the previous week. Once you are ready, increase your goal by 10,000 steps per day.

2. Walking reduces stress, increases self-esteem and cheers you up

If you’ve ever taken a walk in a huff and come back calm and serene, you know first-hand that walking can help reduce your response to a stressful event.

Studies also say that walking benefits your mood by setting free the natural happy drugs of your body – endorphins. And you will be full of pride at your achievement, which helps to increase your self-esteem. You’ll honor yourself more.

3. Regular walking reduces blood pressure, improves sleep and energizes you

Regular walkers have less heart attacks and strokes, lower blood pressure and higher levels of HDL than in non-exercisers. Walking can lower blood pressure and LDL, reduce the risk of many cancers and improve the functioning of the immune system. It also improves the quality of sleep and keeps you energized.

4. People experience a significant dip in snack cravings during and after a 15-minute walk

Cravings usually tend to be bad news for people trying to lose weight. Appetizing foods tend to be dense in calories, fat or sugar, and chocolate is most commonly reported. Recent results show that walking can reduce a craving for chocolate, both during walking and about 10 minutes later. According to the study, the results suggest that walking helps people in losing weight by limiting cravings for sweet snacks.

5. Walks can be easier and more fun with a pedometer and a friend

Following your steps with a pedometer is the key to the walk to success. People who love their pedometers recorded a report of 2000 steps per day.

To make your workout more enjoyable ask someone to join you. Walking with a friend, you are bound to enjoy your workout more – and notice it less.


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