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Knowing What is Myth or Fact Infographic


You’ve heard this line before, but is it really true that the difference between myth and fact is as hard to make as the difference between the sun and the moon? The simple answer is no. Sure, there are differences between myths and facts. But in truth, they are merely differences between falsehoods and lies.

So, let’s get started. A myth is simply a falsehood, which is still believed by a large portion of the population. This could be an urban legend, a sports story, a political or religious doctrine, a self-help claim, a product testimonial, or any other non-factual statement that isn’t rooted in reality. These are all myths. Truth is never in question, just as it never was when we lived in the caves and had to rely on what other people told us. At least when we had cave-men to tell us the truth, there were those humans who loved to tell the stories of their exploits, but many of those stories were just fairy tales and they didn’t last very long.

Now, in order to make the difference between myth and fact, you must start with the truth. Let’s examine the truth. A myth is based on a myth, which is basically a human’s understanding of something that doesn’t actually exist. To make the difference between fact and fiction, you have to find the core myth or lie and pull it apart until you can pin it down to its most basic foundations and determine the reality of it.

Below, you will learn some of the things that differentiate a myth from a fact.

infographic image of myth and fact


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