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This Remedy Can Help Eliminate Even the Most Severe Diseases


honey and baking soda remedy

In modern society, you expect us to be the healthiest we have been. However, this is not the case at all. In fact, we could be the unhealthiest generation to have ever existed.

Today, we have made remarkable advances in food science, medical science, and virtually every science. We know how our bodies work all the way down to the cellular level. Still we are so unhealthy. Well, it’s all about how we treat our health problems. In the modern world, we have acquired knowledge; We know what causes disease and healing. However, the big pharma is not interested in curing health problems. They are only interested in making money with them. As a result, public health is declining rapidly.

Our health is falling because of the tons of drugs and chemicals that are being pumped by our bodies. Our water is full of fluoride, a dangerous neurotoxin for goodness sake. No wonder we are in poor health. Many others people, like me, are curious how to reverse the role of the pharmaceutical industry to be able to lead a full, healthy and long life. Well, the first step to doing this is to take advantage of natural ingredients. For starters, honey and baking soda will be your best friends.

Baking soda is one of the oldest natural remedies out there. Our grandma took advantage of this highly abrasive cleaner, but also beneficial for our health. It can be used in heartburn, indigestion, natural deodorant, to relieve insect bites, ulcers, and even an exfoliator! However, the benefits of baking soda are doubled only when combined with raw honey.

Raw honey is an excellent source of natural antioxidants. This antioxidants is called phenolic compounds. They help protect your body from cellular damage from free radicals. Honey can also be used to heal wounds. It is an extremely effective germ killer due to its anti-bacterial properties.

If you are looking for the benefits of baking soda and honey, you can find some useful information of recipes online that can be used for tons of different things. Take these natural remedy every day and it will help heal your body.


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