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Top High Fiber Foods That Are Good For Your Body Infographic


You’ve probably heard the hype about fiber and how it can do a lot of good for your digestive system. While the beneficial properties of the fiber are clear, just what are the reasons to eat fiber and why is fiber important for your diet? The answer is simple but not always apparent. Fiber, along with its byproducts, help to keep the digestive tract healthy by helping the intestine break down the food and eliminate them.

The fiber can also go to the colon, where it serves as an end product or in the bloodstream. In the latter case, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, where it helps to flush out the bowel with waste from the digestive tract. The products of fiber are partially digested and then eliminated via the bowel while remaining behind as a laxative effect.

The best way to get fiber in your diet should be from eating fruits and vegetables. You should eat about twenty-five grams a day.

Below are foods with high fiber content.

Infographic image for top high fiber foods


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