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25 Fun Facts About Humans


Some of these fun facts will blow your mind. Watch the video below or check out the images to see these fun facts about humans.

a baby in the nest
Babies are born with 300 bones, some of which eventually fuse leaving adults with only 206.

a woman lying in a bed
Ears continue to function, even while a person is sleeping, the brain blocks most sounds out though.

long-haired lady in the wilderness
Hair is impervious to cold, climate change, water and many other natural forces, making it one of the most indestructible natural substances.

Humans, apes and koalas are the only animals with finger prints.

a stress person
It’s believed up to 90% of diseases are caused by or complicated by stress.

a woman gaining muscles
It takes twice as long to lose new muscle as it did to gain it.

a lady who is laughing
Laughing can lower stress levels and strengthen the immune system.

a person with tongue's out
Most people will lose about half their taste buds by the time they’re 60.

a mole in the nose
People with a high number of moles tend to live longer than those without or with fewer.

man with a well-built muscles
Simply thinking about your muscles can make them stronger.

blood vessels of a human
The average human has 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

a guide book for farts
The average person farts 14x a day.

a brain
The brain may be the pain center, but it can’t feel pain itself.

fingernail of the middle finger
The finger nail of your middle finger on your dominant hand is the fastest growing. Show off.

a heart
The heart creates enough pressure when pumping to squirt blood 30 feet.

the lungs of human
The entire surface area of the anatomy of an adult lung is almost equivalent to that of a tennis court.

kids kissing
The youngest parents ever were only 8 & 9 respectively.

an eye of a person
Though your eyes stay the same from birth to death, your ears and nose never stop growing.

human waste
Approximately 75% of human waste is made of water.

the stomach of a person
Human stomach acids are strong enough to dissolve metal.

a child with blue eyes
Most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes, but they will change as they’re exposed to ultraviolet light.

kids hugging and laughing
Six-year-olds average 300 laughs a day, while 40-year-olds only laugh 4x a day.

a candle wax
Wax is good for ear health. It protects against bacteria, fungus, dirt and even insects.

a woman blinking her eyes
Women blink twice as fast as men.

beautiful face of a lady
Women generally have a stronger sense of smell than men do.


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25 Fun Facts About Humans

Some of these fun facts will blow your mind. Watch the video below or check out the images to see these fun facts about...

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