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9 Amazing Ways Dogs Can Benefit From Coconut Oil


Dogs Can Benefit From Coconut Oil

Coconut oil seems to have appeared from out of nowhere in recent years. Now it has become a domestic necessity for many people.

It has a huge range of benefits it can offer us as human beings; A healthy replacement to regular oil, strengthening the hair and skin repair.

What we have also learned is that dogs can benefit from coconut oil as well! Continue reading to find out how coconut oil can be used to enhance the health of your dogs.

puppy sleeping

It soothes their skin

Coconut oil acts as a soothing and moisturizing ointment for dry skin, itching or irritation. It can also be used in bites, stings or unpleasant skin conditions for some extra relief.

shiny dog's hair

Keeps their coat glossy

As with human hair, coconut oil works well to promote healthy, shiny hair. Add in the diet of your puppy and see what difference it can give to their coat.

dog's breath

Help your dog smell better

Not only add coconut oil to your puppy’s diet help with their stinky breath, but also act as a natural deodorant too, as it can help combat unpleasant odors when consumed. It is best to use 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of dog.

a wounded dog

It helps heal wounds and minor cuts

Coconut oil contains natural properties such as antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, which means it is ideal for curing small wounds. Applied as a topical treatment and make sure they do not lick immediately to save you the hassle of re-applying it. If you are looking for something more to apply to injuries for your puppy, try mixing a little coconut oil with oregano oil and keeping it in a jar.

dog watching

It is an immune stimulant

Coconut oil contains both caprylic and lauric acid, which are known to activate immunity by actively fighting against bacterial infections and antiviral support.

dog reading

Keeps their brain healthy

As they age, the mental abilities of dogs are likely to begin to decrease, which can often lead to clumsy accidents. It is said that coconut oil has amazing effects in human patients with dementia when ingested regularly, so try the same with your puppy and see for yourself the results.

puppy pooping

It can help digestion

Utilizing coconut oil can help your dog absorb nutrients faster and increase its metabolism. Try this if you observe your dog is hurting from irritable bowel syndrome.

dog in a weighing scale

Helps in Weight Loss

Indeed, coconut oil is an energy booster. This will give your puppy more energy to get out and be more active. Coconut oil can help your puppy lose weight quickly when used in conjunction with regular exercise.

sleeping chubby dog

Helps to treat diabetes

Coconut oil is ideal for regulating and balancing insulin. If your dog has diabetes, try blending some coconut oil into their diet. It also gives them a boost of energy that is always good at reducing weight.

Now that you know the great things coconut oil can do. You can start adding it to your fur baby’s care routine.

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