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Changing Salt Means Changing Your Health


Traditional medicine says that salt is bad, that you should have less sodium in your diet because salt causes heart attacks and other cardiovascular health issues. They say salt and sodium is bad. The oceans are full of it and our world is plentiful in salt, if the earth needs salt then we need it as well. There are many different types of salts and changing salt can change your health.

Salt is beneficial for the development of bone structure, digestion, metabolism and the overall body structure. It is useful for the adrenal glands too! Salt cravings are a sign of poor adrenal function, so if you feel like it, then this means you need it. Salt is essential and you need it for you to live, it’s not as bad as the medical institution says.

Actually, the three most bountiful sources of living things on our planet are:

  1. Water
  2. Salt
  3. Sulfur (MSM)

It is an important fact you need to know. Because when you are dehydrated or deficient in your minerals that are in salt or sulfur then you do not give your body the tools you need to be healthy as possible. The dilemma with most of the salt you get at your local grocery store is that it has undergone processed and have added additives including fluoride. The salt reservoir has become of lower quality over time due to contamination, and mass processing methods in order to supply more salt at a lower cost in order to raise profit margins.

Few people say that up to 3% of conventional table salt moisture simply absorbs binders and toxins. The other 97% real salt was processed, refined, heated to temperatures above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and was stripped of its nutritional value because of these things.

Luckily, there are healthier selections of salt out there. There are salts like Sea salt, Celtic salt and Himalayan salt that include lots of minerals and valuable compounds for your health. Himalayan salt which is rich in minerals and contains 84 minerals is probably the best salt choice. Minerals are the bare base for your structural skeleton, as well as other functions in the body so having sufficient minerals in your diet toughens your body and gives more structural integrity, especially as you grow older.

Himalayan salt includes magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, nickel, iron, copper, germanium, zinc, selenium and iodine. Salt is very useful in your cooking, so why not switch to a healthier salt? Another great thing about Himalayan salt is that it can also be used in baths so that you can soak in a bathtub filled with mineral water, which also includes healthy magnesium. This is a great salt of Epsom bath replacement because you dip into more minerals, including trace elements.

pink himalayan salt

With your typical salt at the grocery store you are purchasing a refined, preserved, dead and sterile form of salt from the ‘earth’ which isn’t the same as hand packed and hand rinsed pink Himalayan salt.

The best thing about Himalayan salt is that there are countless health benefits such as:

  • Regulates sleep
  • Improving bone strength
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Promotes sinus health
  • Supports Libido
  • Regulating water content in your body
  • Promoting a healthy pH balance in your cells including brain cells
  • Promotes vascular health and more

The many health benefits of pink Himalayan salt make an obvious choice to choose over ordinary table salt which is beneficial for your health.

The quality of the food you consume is more essential than anything else. The closer to nature is the food, the less processed it is, the more valuable it will be for you almost every time. With regard to making small changes in your life that improve your health, it’s highly recommended to start a change today.

It is a simple replacement that you have the power to turn on. All you have to do is get a little pink Himalayan salt and use that rather than regular old salt. It tastes better too.


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