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Reasons to Avoid Fast Food


Reasons to Avoid Fast Food

Food is the food need of all living beings. The food is consumed so that we can live and get the strength to work. In earlier days, home cooked food was the best food but as times changed, the home made food lost its importance in daily life and has been replaced by Fast or Junk Food. There are many reasons to avoid fast food. This article will cover some of them.

FAST FOOD, very ordinary name and popular among many people around the world. Eaten by all ages, be it children, teenagers, young or old. The speed of today’s life makes it hard to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal.

In this fast life, do you care about your health? If you do, you should know the negative effects of fast food.

If we look, we can see that there are many detrimental effects of fast foods that are dangerous to our bodies.

Dangerous effects of Fast Food

1) Cholesterol
First, fast food means cholesterol and cholesterol means a step forward towards heart failure. It clogs the arteries which block the blood from flowing to the heart and that results in heart failure.

2) High Blood Pressure
Another harmful thing is High Blood Pressure. It is also unsafe for the heart and also affects the brain.

3) Obesity
Eating a lot of fast food leads to Obesity. That means discomfort. Causes hypertension and makes the person irritable.

So in the end, fast food means an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy person, and an unhealthy body in general.

So if you worry about your health, SAY NO TO FAST FOOD and try to have homemade foods and live a long and healthy happy life without pressure. Health is one of the most vital aspects of life that requires proper attention and proper care to live a happy life.


  1. Thanks for explaining that fast food can cause high blood pressure which negatively affects both our brain and heart. My husband and I got into the habit of eating fast food a lot when we moved to a new apartment about three months ago. I’m glad I read your article and got feeling motivated to shop for some healthy frozen food to keep at home!


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