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Reasons Why You Should Start A Journal


Which Medium Should You Use and Why

Once you have settled to start a journal, your next decision is the medium used for it. You have a lot of options, and what works for one person does not work for another. You must choose the one that works best for you. Here are some options:


paper notebook

If you like the sensation of physically jotting down your thoughts, a paper notebook may be the best choice for you. There is really nothing like putting the pen on paper, and we even have some suggestions of paper notebooks to start with. Keeping a paper journal gives you total control over your writing, and gives you more privacy because there is possible chance that your journal is hacked or lost when a service is closed or compromised. However, it means that you do not have backups in case something happens to your work theft, fire, or just a lost backpack means your journal is gone forever.

If you don’t want just a plain empty notebook, the Bullet Journal productivity method fits perfectly if you’re already using your paper notebook for tasks and notes, and Sorta has unique notebooks with removable pages. If you’re afraid you’re too busy to journal, consider the Five-Minute Journal, a paper notebook that’s sets you up with a motivational quote, then gives you daily writing prompts to fill out like “Today I’m grateful for,” “What would make today great?” and “3 Great Things that happened today.”


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