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4 Tips on Treating Acne with Coconut Oil


Treating Acne with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an amazing substance with many uses. There are many benefits of coconut oil for skin. It can even be used to treat acne, but the use of coconut oil to treat acne is not so simple that you just put it on your skin and that’s it. If you don’t walk through these tips, you might end up going crazy and run back to using commercial stuff that will bury more toxins in your skin. So follow these tips to make sure that you do well with your acne treatment using coconut oil.

1. Be Mentally Prepared

Unlike other skin oils or creams or lotions or whatever so-called acne treatment that only know how to store toxic chemicals in your skin, coconut oil works to expel the toxins.

What I mean is that if you have a lot of toxins stored under your skin, the coconut oil will draw them to the surface of the skin and cause a breakout of whiteheads. Some of your pimples may also grow larger because of toxins that are added to the soft plugs that block the pores.

Sounds pretty scary right? That’s why you have to get some mental preparation. Otherwise, you’ll certainly be scared like some people get when the detox from coconut oil begins taking place.

At this point, you need to understand and stay calm that coconut oil helps you cleanse your skin of toxins for an effective treatment against acne. By the way, toxins are what weakens the liver and makes the skin oily and prone to acne. Coconut oil “knows” that very well and, therefore, the first thing you do to help treat your acne is to eliminate the toxins.

If you are stressed by the breakout, your acne will get worse and can last for weeks, as stress changes your hormonal balance and creates more toxins. When this happens some people with acne begin to blame coconut oil for causing acne, when in fact coconut oil is treating the acne.

Moreover, the breakout is more severe on the face than on any other parts of the skin because the face has a thinner skin, which allows the coconut oil to purge the toxins more easily.

After saying all of this, get ready for the breakout when you use coconut oil to treat acne. But you can significantly reduce the breakout or not suffer any breakout when we get to the 4th tip.

2. Use Only Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

coconut oil extracted from coconut

You should only use organic virgin coconut oil for your acne treatment to keep your skin free of potentially dangerous pesticides and other unknown chemicals. And be sure to use it alone and nothing else!

Don’t use organic virgin coconut oil with other acne treatment products or even natural oils. You don’t know if these things will add more toxic chemicals on your skin or not.

Therefore, keep your skin free of commercial products for the treatment of acne, with the exception of organic virgin coconut oil.

If you want to put makeup or use skin care products, be sure they do not clog your pores and that they are as natural for the skin as organic virgin coconut oil. If you notice that your acne is getting worse, stop these products and try to stick only to organic virgin coconut oil, not only for the treatment of acne, but also for skin care.

Although it is a little more expensive to use organic virgin coconut oil, it is significantly cheaper and more effective than prescription drugs for the treatment of acne by specialized dermatologists.

3. It Is Not Necessary to Apply Too Much

This does not mean putting thick layers of coconut oil in your acne area and your acne will heal and clear quickly. A sponge will become saturated, as will our skin.

That said, you should just wipe your finger and then gently rub against your acne area until it is absorbed. Putting only a thin layer not only helps a lot, it helps your skin absorb the oil faster.

Only when coconut oil gets into your skin can help purge toxins and kill excess acne bacteria at the same time (coconut oil is also antimicrobial).

After that, re-apply as many times as necessary. It may seem problematic to have to apply several times a day, but this is important to do when you treat acne with coconut oil.

Do not forget to remove excess oils or makeup or dirt before putting coconut oil on face, otherwise your skin will not be able to effectively absorb the coconut oil for the treatment of acne.

4. Improve Diet and Lifestyle

Earlier it was mentioned that you can avoid the initial breakout that is caused when you first use coconut oil to fight acne. This is how you can do it.

Think about the types of food you eat day after day. If you are eating a lot of junk food, it will continue to release toxins into your body. This is what makes your skin so toxic and that is why your skin breaks so much when you apply coconut oil on it for the treatment of acne.

All you have to do now is make good changes to your diet. You can change from eating more meat to more vegetables. From more pre-packaged processed foods to more natural whole foods. From more dining out to more dining in. Dining in has an advantage over dining out, you know exactly what you are eating.

Another thing you should improve is your lifestyle.

Having a good night’s sleep can normalize the production of your hormones and help regulate the secretion of your sebum (skin oil) to prevent oily skin. Therefore, try to go to bed early and ready your mind and body for a restful sleep.

What about exercise? If you do not, then start with a few simple exercises to help with detoxification. Indeed, exercise is great for detoxifying your body. You sweat and poop effortlessly. It also helps to reduce your stress level. This keeps your hormones in balance and therefore your skin will become less oily and acne-prone.

When you have fewer toxins in your body, as a result, your skin will store fewer toxins. Therefore, when you use coconut oil for the treatment of acne, you will suffer less or even no breakout.



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