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5 Things Happen When You Quit Counting Calories


In addition to eliminating the distraction at dinner, giving up the count has a number of health and mental health benefits. Here are five things that happen when you quit counting calories:

1. Eat really well again.

friends eating together
Life is quite stressful, eating should be easy. However, planning, weighing, measuring and computing meal is added to a host of other tensions that already manages every day. When you focus on building meals around fresh and tasty foods like nuts, herbs, beans, spices and lean protein instead of how many calories they have, you will be able to calm and feel good about the quality of food on your plate. And when your brain is relax, your gut is relax too. There is a logic why irritable and upset are words related with the stomach and digestive system. Just relax a little while eating clean healthy foods preferably without distractions, you will discover a stress free moment away from a stressful life.


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