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5 Things Happen When You Quit Counting Calories


5. You’re losing weight

losing weight
With all the effort that comes with counting calories, you literally have to weigh everything you use in a meal. In addition to being often almost no nutritional value, packaged foods actually have more calories than whole resorbable foods. Studies show that you only take about 20% of the calories in nuts, for example, but because nuts are high in calories, people who count calories rejects them away and opt for something like a cereal instead. The label on the cereal box may show fewer calories, your body will actually absorb more calories from refined carbohydrates in the cereals than it would be if you went with nuts. You will also miss the fiber and healthy fats that can help you lose weight.
Bonus: If you’re tired counting calories of your food but don’t want to limit the food that you eat, try reading this article.


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