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7 Uses and Benefits of Honey for a Healthy Heart


How Can Heart Disease Be Cured by Honey?

honey and cinnamon

1. Increase the Metabolism of the Heart.

The first benefits of honey for the heart is to increase the metabolism. Honey provides nutrition for the muscles of our heart and increases our heart metabolism. This natural substance contributes to the circulation of the coronary vessels by increasing the hemoglobin (pigment in the red blood cells which supplies oxygen to all the tissues of the heart) and the vasodilation (enlargement of the blood vessel which reduces the blood pressure) and prevents blood clotting.

2. Antioxidant.

The antioxidant in honey comes from different sources such as vitamin C, flavonoid polifenol, monophenolics. The intake of flavonoids can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Reduce Cholesterol Using Honey and Cinnamon.

Honey mixed with cinnamon can lower cholesterol in the artery vessel and reduce the risk of heart attack. A patient with heart disease who has already had the first heart attack can avoid the second heart attack by consuming honey mixed with cinnamon every day. Regular consumption of honey can improve our respiratory system and make the heart beat stronger.

4. Reduce Cholesterol Using Honey, Olive Oil and Habbatussauda.

Cholesterol levels can be reduced by regularly taking honey mixed with olive oil and Habbatussauda. This potion can reduce cholesterol levels in our blood. Meanwhile, a pure natural honey can minimize the disruption of cholesterol if consumed every day.

5. Strengthening Heart Muscles.

Honey is beneficial for strengthening the heart muscles because it contains sugar, enzymes, mineral salt and vitamins that make the heart muscles, especially the weak, work better.

6. Prevention of Second Heart Attack.

The consumption of yellow bitter honey mixed with habbatus oil and olive oil before eating and sleeping every day will certainly reduce the cholesterol level in the artery vessel, therefore reducing the risk of heart attack. The patient with heart disease who has had the first heart attack can avoid the second heart attack by consuming those potions. Yellow bitter honey will improve the functioning of our respiratory system and strengthen the heart.

7. Curing Heart Diseases.

Honey is good for Acute Heart Inflammation (drink 50 grams of honey 3 times a day), Chronic Heart Disease (drink 25 grams of honey 3 times a day) and Heart Cancer Stadium 1 (drink 25 grams of honey 3 times a day).

Uses of Honey For Heart Problems

Heart disease needs intensive medical treatment that also costs a lot of money. However, we can apply a “cheap” treatment at home when preparing a herbal potion to cure heart disease by using honey mixed with other medicinal plants. We must patiently and systematically practice this method of medication to obtain the best result.


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