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FDA Says That Vaccines Are Non-toxic Without Toxicity Studies


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Various chemicals called adjuvants are among the ingredients of the vaccine used in its production. CDC and FDA approved them because they increase the effectiveness of the vaccine. However, these chemicals can cause severe side effects.

One of the most common ingredients of the vaccine is aluminum. It is used as an adjuvant to help improve the immune response to antigens. Ingredients of adjuvant vaccines such as aluminum allegedly triggers the desired immune response. Aluminum has been allowed in vaccines for nearly 100 years; However, now it is linked to the toxic side effects of vaccination.

Disturbing circular logic used by the FDA when it comes to testing the ingredients of the vaccine

The rates of side effects of vaccination have doubled in recent years, and studies shown that aluminum has a clear risk to the body. In some areas of the world, children may receive up to 126 compounds of vaccines by age five. Many of these vaccines contain toxic aluminum, despite the lack of safety testing by the FDA.

Disturbingly, the CDC and the FDA considered the vaccines “non-toxic”; However, they have not been sufficiently tested. FDA 2002 document even claims that vaccines should not be tested because they are already considered safe and nontoxic, although no testing has been done to substantiate this claim.

This kind of circular logic has come to characterize the vaccine industry over the last two decades.

Aluminum is a known neurotoxin with a zero value in the human body. It’s a fact that can’t be denied.

There are also records showing that vaccine manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and health authorities were aware of many side effects and the dangers of the vaccine, but chose to hide crucial information about these dangerous effects. In addition, until recently, very few licensed vaccines have been tested on animals allowed for developmental toxicity prior to human use.

Despite decades of use, few adjuvants, additives or other vaccine ingredients have been adequately tested for its toxicity and secondary effects of the vaccine in animals and adults, not to mention young or unborn children. Add to this the fact that aluminum is a known neurotoxin, and neglect has reached alarming proportions.

Aluminum in vaccines may increase brain damage risk

A growing number of studies link the inclusion of aluminum in vaccines with very serious health problems in humans. Aluminum has been connected to Alzheimer’s disease, autism and other adverse effects on the brain. They have also been associated with major immunological disorders.

Aluminum is not limited to vaccines; It is also found in other medicines and products such as aspirin, deodorants, cigarettes, cosmetics and even some processed foods. If humans ingest an amount of aluminum greater than a certain threshold, it is difficult to process and expels it for the body. This is when these toxins are deposited in the brain, liver, bones and other vital organs.

The worst of all, these adjuvants in vaccines seem to have a triggering effect on any other aluminum reservoir that is already in the body, making them exponentially more dangerous. We, the citizens, need to require that the FDA should have thorough testing of all the ingredients of the vaccine, making vaccination a top priority especially to consumer safety.


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