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Reasons Why You Should Go Outside Everyday


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It’s easy to get caught up in our dens of technology, but when you go outside, nature or not, it’s good for you in so many ways. If you have suffered from frequent colds or are simply in a creativity rut, outdoors may be the solution you are looking for.

Get rid of your stress. Time spent outside, time spent specifically immersed in nature, can bathe you in relaxation. In Japan, it is called as forest bathing, but you don’t have to dive into a forest for benefits. Simply entering a park can grant an immediate effect. Actually, those who spend more time outdoors experience lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormone cortisol. If you have observed a new crop of gray hairs appear along your hairline, it may be the time to get some fresh air.

Load up on sunshine. Sunlight allows the body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D, if you have not heard it enough, it is a major craze for your health. It helps prevent depression, strengthen bones and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Get ten minutes of direct sunlight on your bare skin every day enables your body to supply about 10,000 IU, which is more than enough.

Get more in good physical shape. This is a simple calculation, actually. You can sit indoors or maybe wandering outside. One takes years to your life. The other magnifies quality to your life. You’ll utilize your muscles more, smile more, try harder when you are outside. If you’re addicted to your gym membership, think outdoors as a free gym membership that you shouldn’t waste.

Become superhuman! Maybe you won’t have superhero abilities, but going out regularly seriously shakes your immune system. According to studies, people spending more time outside have significantly higher immune function, including a boost in natural killer cells, rather than those who spend their days inside a room. Natural killer cells are powerful agents in preventing tumors that form in the body, therefore the importance of going out into nature can not be overestimated. Even if you just found yourself succumbing to the common cold most times, maybe more time outside is just what the doctor ordered.

Restart your brain. After a time spent outdoors, you will feel more energetic, pay more attention and can even encounter a boost in your mind. Being out can be the spark especially revive the creativity that has disappeared from your daily routine. And most importantly, those who spend more time outside also experience depression rates. Think outdoors as a soothing balm for your mind. Get as much of it as you can.

Reset the eyes. If your job is to look at a screen under fluorescent lighting blooming for 8 hours a day, you need to go out more often. The natural light of the outdoors alleviates eye tension of screens and artificial lighting. For children in particular, spending more time outdoors can lower the risk of developing myopia. Keep your eyes healthy by taking a glance outside on the regular.

Rejoin with your roots. If you are looking to be more in touch with yourself and with the natural environment, just go outside. If you spend ample time in nature, you will begin to experience subtle changes in your environment. You will see the fluctuations of your energy. You will feel more open and calm when you feel how incredibly boundless the outside world. In a way, spending more time puts you out more in tune with our world around it. Nothing is incorrect with a little outlook from time to time.

According to an analysis, Americans spend only 8 percent of their time outside but don’t be a statistic. This should be the right time to live your life to the fullest and go outside.


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