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11 Interesting Facts About Your Poop


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‘Normal’ Is Relative

Are you hitting the lavatory at the same exact time each morning, or are you able to go days before you have to go No. 2? It’s all normal, the necessary factor is that you’re consistent with your personal routine. An enormous decrease in output could possibly because of a diet change, which is why many individuals discover they’re less regular on weekends or trip — they might be consuming less fiber or exercising less often, both of which promote healthy digestion. Other elements affecting output — either a decrease or an increase — are an overactive thyroid, gastrointestinal problems, or colon cancer.

Cultural variations play a role too. South Asians unload almost 3 times as much stool as British individuals do, a distinction explains is largely because of the higher fiber content within the common Indian diet.

The typical American man excretes 150 grams (about one-third of a pound) of stool daily, or the equivalent of 5 tons in a lifetime!


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