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11 Ways Of Fitting Relaxation Into A Hectic Schedule


When life becomes very busy, finding time to generally relax is at the bottom of our priority list. However, fitting relaxation into a hectic schedule is important, as it can help not only keep our physical health under control, but also our mental health. Allowing time to practice self-care or just doing something you love can help instill balance into your life and even enhance your performance in other areas you’re working on.

A busy schedule results in stress on your mind, body, and soul. Most of us equate being stressed and busy with success, the truth is that chronic stress ends up causing premature aging of cells, a dumbing down of your mind, and a significant increase in the risk of modern illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, hormonal disorders, dementia and diabetes. Finding time to relax is an important and effective counterweight to the stresses of modern day life.

No matter how busy your schedule is, there is always a way to give a much needed time for you. If you feel that you are too busy for any leisure activity, consider these 11 ways to adapt to fitting relaxation into a hectic schedule, even if you’re very busy.


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